Jet Li



Wages of Sin (2007)

Director: Nathyn Masters

Writer: Nathyn Masters

Stars: Nathyn Masters, CiCi Foster, Michael MacRae


“Wages” is the story of a sting operation gone array and a botched assassination attempt that leaves Johnny “Trigger”, AKA deep cover officer Nathan Matthews framed for aiding and abetting in the murder of undercover officers, Tarantino and Rodriguez and for the slaughter of several FBI agents. To clear his name he must go on the run. Not knowing who to trust Matthews befriends Teresa, a hooker who wants out of the street life. As luck would have it she’s got the goods on Nathan’s previous mark, up and coming drug kingpin Eric Constantine. Matthews must find the dirty cops who betrayed him, protect Teresa, evade goons, hit teams, and an infamous assassin called “Mona Lisa”.



Johnny Trigger / Nathan Matthews: Nathyn Masters

Teresa: CiCi Foster

Eric Constantine: Michael MacRae

Mona Lisa: Riti Madugula

Brian: Brian Kung

Jazz: Felicia Danisor

Rodrego Docko (as The Beatsmith): J.H. Rogers III

Max Hokkaido: Tonee Dang

Park Assassin 1: Noah Abraham

Warehouse Guard: Bob Arinyanontakoon

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