Jet Li


Ultimate Fights from the Movies (2002)


Stars: Rab Affleck, Marc Akerstream, Ian Bannen


In their second film compilation following their ‘Boogeymen:The Killer Compilation’ series, FlixMix takes you into the history of action movies from Hollywood to Hong Kong cinema that spans a 20-year period. This one features action scenes from 16 action-packed movies featuring action gurus, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Chow Yun-Fat, Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme and many more. The DVD edition features a audio commentary from legendary Hong Kong filmmaker, Tsui Hark (Once Upon A Time In China, Zu Warriors, Double Team) and an additional commentary by stuntman/martial arts actor, James Lew that adds a excellent perspective to the action scenes. An instructional featurette by James Lew that will teach viewers the principals of throwing and receiving punches & kicks on film as well as choreographing your own fights. Different profiles of the actors, on-screen trivias of each movie will keep action fans entertained.



Cutte Dawson (Crossing the Line) (archive footage): Rab Affleck

Tony (Rumble in the Bronx) (archive footage): Marc Akerstream

Matt Moss (Crossing the Line) (archive footage): Ian Bannen

Erroll (Snatch) (archive footage): Andy Beckwith

Ronnie Echeviera (Scarface) (archive footage): Victor Campos

Wong Fei-Hung (archive footage): Jackie Chan

Tony Gang Member (Rumble In The Bronx): Lauro Chartrand

Hou (Fists of Legend) (archive footage): Siu-hou Chin

General (Fists of Legend) (archive footage): Billy Chow

Frankie (Crossing the Line) (archive footage): Billy Connolly

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