Jet Li


The Legend of the Swordsman (1992)

“Xiao ao jiang hu zhi: Dong Fang Bu Bai” (original title)

Director:Siu-Tung Ching, Stanley Tong

Writer:Louis Cha (novel), Tin-suen Chang

Stars:Jet Li, Brigitte Lin, Michelle Reis


With an entirely new set of actors, this movie continues the story from Swordsman (1990). Blademaster and his martial arts school decide to retire to a distant mountain. Before leaving, he visits his friends, a tribe of snake-wielding women warriors. He finds that they have been attacked, and their leader, Princess Yin-Yin, toward whom he has some romantic feelings, has been abducted. The attacker is her evil uncle Fong, who years before overthrew Yin-Yin’s father and took over their sect. Fong also has possession of a sacred scroll which tells how to achieve ultimate martial arts power. Blademaster decides to help Yin-Yin and her imprisoned father, and his romantic complications deepen when his childhood chum and Yin-Yin are joined by a new rival. Blademaster thinks she is an innocent village girl he has saved, but in fact she is Fong! The process of gaining ultimate martial arts power requires self- castration and transmogrification into female form.




Ling Wu Chung: Jet Li

Asia the Invincible (Dong Fang Bu Bai): Brigitte Lin

Kiddo: Michelle Reis

Hattori: Waise Lee

Ren Ying Ying: Rosamund Kwan

Saru: Kar Lok Chin

Blue Phoenix: Fennie Yuen

Wu (as Yee Kwan Yan): Shi-Kwan Yen

Eunuch Hong: Kwok Leung Cheung

Zen: Shun Lau

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