Jet Li


The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)


Director:Rob Minkoff

Writer:John Fusco

Stars:Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michael Angarano


An American teenager who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kung-fu classics makes an extraordinary discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King. With the lost relic in hand, the teenager unexpectedly finds himself traveling back to ancient China to join a crew of warriors from martial arts lore on a dangerous quest to free the imprisoned Monkey King.




The Monkey King / The Silent Monk: Jet Li

Jason Tripitikas: Michael Angarano

Lu Yan / Old Hop: Jackie Chan

Southie Girl: Juana Collignon

Lupo: Morgan Benoit

Southie: Jack Posobiec

Young Southie: Thomas McDonell

Old Woman: Zhi Ma Gui

Farmer: Shen Shou He

Young Village Man: Bin Jiang

Jade Soldier: Shaohua Yang

Inn Keeper: Yu Yuan Zeng

Jade Emperor: Deshun Wang

Queen Mother: XiaoLi Liu

Jade Warlord: Collin Chou

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