Jet Li


The Enforcer (1995)

“Gei ba ba de xin” (original title)

Director:Corey Yuen

Writer:Sandy Shaw, Jing Wong

Stars: Jet Li, Anita Mui, Mo Tse


The amazing Jet Li plays a cop whose job keeps him from attending his son’s junior kung fu competitions.




Kung Wei: Jet Li

Inspector Fong: Anita Mui

Ku Kung / Johnny Kung (as Xia Miao): Mo Tse

Po Kwong: Rongguang Yu

Thug (as Sing Ngai): Collin Chou

Thug (as Low Houi-Kang): Ken Lo

Yat-Wah’s Boss: Damian Lau

(as Fu Yuk-Ching): Bonnie Fu

Auction Bidder: Henry Fong

(voice): Mary Ellen Dunbar

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