Jet Li


Black Mask(1996)

“Hak hap” (original title)

Director: Richard Donner

Writer: Shane Black (characters), Jonathan Lemkin (story)

Stars:Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci


Micheal, a former test subject of a project to create supersoldiers, is forced to escape with his comrades after the project was cancelled. Months later, he is trying to have a quiet life as a librarian with a tough cop as his best friend. However, a string of vicious gangland murders begins that has all the markings of his former compatriots who seem to have turned to violent crime. Realizing that the police are helpless to fight these soldiers, Micheal decides to take them on himself. Donning a mask to protect his identity, Micheal must fight these powerful villians as the mysterious superhero known only as Black Mask.




Tsui Chik / Black Mask: Jet Li

Inspector ‘Rock’ Shek Wai-Ho (as Lau Ching Wan): Ching Wan Lau

Tracy Lee: Karen Mok

Yeuk Laan (as Françoise C.J. Yip): Françoise Yip

Commander Hung (as Patrick Lung): Kong Lung

King Kau (as Anthony Wong): Anthony Wong Chau-Sang

Jimmy Jimmy: Xin Xin Xiong

701 Squad Member (as Mouses Chan): Moses Chan

Police Commissioner (as Chung King Fai): King-fai Chung

Yeuk Laan: Ken Lok

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